You came into this life with a mission. Your personal journey on a spiritual path has guided you to this website. The tools on this website will help you birth a NEW YOU and a NEW WORLD.

As an evolutionary astrologer I am your astrological ally to help you unwrap the sacred and precious package that is your Soul’s Blueprint. In an atmosphere of warmth, safety and support, I guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself. This empowers you with astrological information that will help you break through current life challenges and old limiting beliefs about yourself so you can navigate more effectively through your life.   I help find Revolutionary Solutions for Evolutionary Thinkers.

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If you’re on a spiritual path and have been guided to this website, then you’ll benefit from the Four Ascension Activations that I offer. These Activations are the most powerful ascension tools I know and work on the physical and mental levels. Each Activation will raise your vibration and give you a feeling of immense well-being while preparing your body for the Shift into the higher dimensions. They include the 5th-dimension Lightbody Activation, 6th-dimension Divine Feminine Activation, the 7th-dimension Quantum Christ Activation, and the 12-Strand DNA Activation. My clients are amazed at the results they experience after receiving these activations.

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Shamanism describes a collection of skills that vary widely from culture to culture but which all have the same motivation— to be useful to the people who practice it and to those who engage the services of a shaman. The practical power of shamanism can help you heal your life, your loves and your losses.  I use a combination of healing modalities (Hawaiian, Native American, Peruvian, Reiki, Lightbody Activation), based on your current needs, to remove emotional blockages, clear and balance your charkas, extract negative energies and retrieve lost soul parts. I provide my services in person or at a distance.  I also teach shamanic classes that help you to de-mystify the ancient wisdom of shamanism by accessing your own inner sources of guidance and healing.

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Conscious Evolution and the Ascension Activations

KRISS SHELLMAN’S NEWSLETTER Vol. 6 Dateline: July 29, 2013 *********************************** Resolve to Evolve Players Playing the Conscious Evolution Game  The purpose of this newsletter is to connect with, inform, inspire and support all those who are being called to consciously evolve.  We believe there is no higher calling on earth at this time than Conscious […]

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